Wildlife Biology

Wildlife Biology

Let’s say that you are interested in wildlife biology and are looking for a great college that specialized in your interest. Look no further than Unity College. They provide a curriculum that emphasizes sustainability science, and are committed to providing their students with the capacity to address looming, major, global changes. The school is located in Unity, Maine and is great for environmental minded individuals. Yes they have good classroom education and instruction, but they believe in a very hands on approach to learning. That being said they have some incredible experiences for their students outside of a traditional classroom. They have small class sizes and focus on field work in teaching and educating their students. Instead of sitting in a classroom and being lectured, you might find students out on a whale watch, at an animal shelter, visiting a hunter check station, or up on top of a nearby mountain. Furthermore your traditional lab time might include: farming, camping, animal handling, ropes work, building, rock climbing or even first aid. If you ask me, this sounds pretty great. I am definitely a person who prefers hands on learning and those types of experiences in my education. Don’t however think that students aren’t ever in a classroom hearing a lecture. The program has a solid foundation of liberal arts and their students learn to read, write and speak effectively as well.

It is Unity College’s belief that every degree program offers one piece to the complex puzzle of life and figuring out solutions to the world’s problems. Since this is the case, each degree no matter what the emphasis, also includes courses in natural science, social science, and humanities in order to broaden their students’ horizons and obtain the sustainability science that the mission statement of the college seeks. They are focused on how students can use the limited resources that the earth has. Their goal by integrating other disciplines such as humanities, is to give their students philosophical and ethical context to help them resolve some of human’s greatest dilemmas.

So let’s say you are interested in wildlife biology. Unity College’s Bachelor of Science in Biology is perfect for you. In this program you will gain an understanding of cellular, organismal, and ecological aspects of biology. You are prepared within this program to be professional in the workforce through experience with lab and field skills, use of the scientific process, and skills in scientific communication. This program prepares you well for a job as a: forester, botanist, education, environmental consultant, ecologist, science writer and many others.

Unity College believes that the environment as well as the workforce is rapidly changing and they strive to prepare their students effectively to take that head on. Their goal is to combine academic rigor, field experience, and service learning to teach their students and make them productive members of society. Their internship program is something you should definitely check out. Not only do the students learn a lot, but employers gave offers to 56% of their interns, and retained 88% of those interns hired after one year. Furthermore, these internships were completed in 25 different countries. Talk about cool! If you are interested in this field, call admissions today for more information. 


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