Student Involvement

What you earn will depend on what you learn. It’s your choice!

Here’s how to start.

The next four years are the best chance you will have to determine your future. And starting today is the best time to plan those high school years — and your whole life.

     That’s right. Dreams of having the right car, job, clothes and lifestyle after high school can come true — if you make the most of your education.
Jobs paying the most money need people who have good skills, especially in English, science, math and computer technology.
Taking courses in the Connecticut State Scholars Program — plus having a

positive attitude and willingness to work toward your goal — will prepare you best for college, the military, or other technical or post-high school education, whatever direction you want to take. It will also help make a huge difference in how much you make on the job.

LEARN more, EARN more

Choose your annual salary*

High school dropout $14,300
High school graduate $23,200
Associate/technical degree $31,700
College graduate $45,600

*Average salaries based on Connecticut
Department of Labor statistics


Do I have to think about this now?

This is the best time, as you prepare for high school. Start making good choices now and you will be able to make the best use of all four years of high school.

What if my grades aren’t great?

No matter what your school grades have been so far, high school gives you a brand-new opportunity to be a better student and enjoy greater success in life!

What courses should I take?

Being a Connecticut State Scholar means taking a recommended path of courses in the areas of English, mathematics, science, social studies and world languages. You will be required to maintain at least a C grade in each of your classes in the Connecticut State Scholars Program. These courses will better prepare you for Connecticut’s Academic Performance Test (CAPT) and the SATs. They will also help pave the way for advanced training after high school — and a better career.

Connecticut Scholars Core Course of Study



English 4
(algebra I, geometry, algebra II or equivalent integrated mathematics curriculum)
Lab Science
(biology, chemistry, physics)
Social Studies
(Chosen from U.S. history/1.0, world history/1.0, world geography/1.0, economics/0.5, government/0.5)
World language
(Two credits of the same language)
Total Credits   


How do I get involved?

Talk to your school guidance counselor! It’s that simple. Tell your counselor that you want to sign up for classes that are part of the Connecticut State Scholars course of study.

CBIA’s School-to-Career

School-to-career prepares students for careers in the New Economy, focusing on academic and professional success. School-to-Career is:

    • Education with a strong focus on the future
    • Classroom learning supplemented with work-based experiences
    • Practical preparation for the workplace or for advanced learning

School-to-career programs are now available throughout many of Connecticut’s schools. Students in school-to-career programs learn about and explore myriad career opportunities in 10 industry clusters that have been identified by employers.