Ron King Academy


ronkingThe Ron King Academy is a cosmetology school that focuses on the individual transformation. Students will learn how to make each customer look better on a person to person basis rather than just simply learning general concepts to try to improve on everyone and the dedicated and caring staff is nothing short of amazing when it comes to helping each student realize their potential in this realm.

The team of stylists at the salon has been named for the “Best for Curly haircuts” and lives up to that name in their teaching at the academy as well.They will go over anything and everything you need to know to properly apply your cosmetic trade to your new job as a stylist. They also get to tote about the owner’s title for “best hair extensions” and are proud of it.

The academy is led by veterans David and Christie Gonzales who have been taught and instructed by Ron King. They are nothing short of professional and they tend to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to teaching their students the right way to do things and the best way to please a customer.

The academy doesn’t just help students with cosmetology however, that is only one course offered by them. They also have a class for esthetics and a barber school that they strongly support. The barber class and cosmetology class both offer 1500 hours of hands on training while the esthetics class offers 750. They are all 3 individually focused and will teach you the skills necessary to succeed in your craft should you choose to do so.

In cosmetology you’ll learn everything from hair cutting to perming and nail techniques. The cosmetology class prepares you for anything and everything that you can possibly need to learn for the cosmetology exam and is more than most any other class will offer you.

The barber class teaches more towards sanitation, coloring, and designing and styling. With its focus being on hair there is no question that if you are going to learn to be a barber that this is the best class to get you ready for your exam. You’ll learn everything you need to know to be able to cut hair exactly how your customers want it.

Esthetics teaches you how to make your clients feel good about themselves and is a sort of spa treatment class. This class is one that you shouldn’t miss if you want to have a good growing connection with your clients and a great foundation for opening or working in a spa.

The Ron King Academy is the best cosmetology school in the nation no questions asked. The depth of the learning there is tremendous and the stylist that come out of it are the best in the business.


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