8/4/11 CBIA and New Haven Businesses Sponsor CT State Scholars Book Drive to Help Area Students Complete list of recommended books
5/25/11 CT State Scholars attend CBIA’s Econonomic Summit
5/12/11 The Education Trust last week released an extensive 50-state analysis documenting the fact that many of our nation’s schools are still providing children with an education that is unequal. The Education Watch 2004 State Summary Reports recommends four high-impact strategies, including “Ensuring that all students are placed in rigorous courses in middle and high school.” (link is to the Center for State Scholars Web Site)
5/11/11 Extolling the wonders of algebra doesn’t seem like the most effective way to prevent a teenager from dropping out. But the impulse to trash the course list is wrong, for two reasons. First, the fact that students tune out does not mean that they need to be taught something different. It means that they need to be taught differently. The courses can be (and in some places are) taught in creative ways that are more relevant. Second, the core courses may not be perfect, but there is currently no adequate replacement. – Robert Shireman, senior fellow, Aspen Institute
1/30/11 Businesses and Educators Outline Connecticut State Scholars Program to Prepare Danbury Students for the Future
1/29/10 Businesses and Educators Outline Connecticut State Scholars Program to Prepare New Haven Students for the Future
1/20/10 Groups Kick Off Connecticut State Scholars Program in New Haven
1/19/10 Groups Kick Off Connecticut State Scholars Program in Danbury
10/16/09 CBIA Education Foundation Kicks Off State Scholars Initiative Businesses and Educators Team up to Prepare Students for the Future

High School Reform

1/30/04 CT Post – CBIA starts bid to woo scholars: Wins funds to push math, science
1/30/04    1/24/04 NEW HAVEN Register— To help prepare students for today’s tough job market, the U.S. Department of Education is rolling out the State Scholars Program here next week.

NEW HAVEN Register — Local business leaders Thursday urged the business community to support the new Connecticut State Scholars program.

1/24/04 Program helps kids ‘get’ business
Center for State Scholars News Page
9/13/03 Public High School Graduation and College Readiness Rates in the United States – New ReportOnly one in three 18-year-olds are even minimally prepared for the rigors of college, a new study suggests, and it paints an even bleaker picture of minority students’ literacy, achievement and high school graduation rates. Manhattan Institute researchers Jay Greene and Greg Forster used federal databases to find how many students took basic courses in high school, passed a 12th-grade reading test given nationwide, and graduated on time.