Parmele Law is More Than Able At Helping the Disabled

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Living can already be pretty problematic when living with a disability, but there are some people or organizations that seem to drag their feet in accommodating the disabled. Whether you need to acquire an assisted living animal with you due to visual or muscular impairment, require a specialty wheelchair to move around, or have a number of other disability issues, you can and should seek legal representation about such issues.

By contacting Parmele Law Firm, you are one step closer toward legal representation that will help you to maximize the social security benefits you will receive for whatever disability or impairment you suffer from. Our lawyers have years of experience and study in disability law and in handling disability cases, balanced with compassion for their clients and a fiery zeal to ensure that justice is carried out for the handicapped, disabled, and impaired.

As the process of filing a claim or dealing with the dreadful outcome of denial can be quite intricate, details, and exhausting, you can trust the Parmele Law Firm to minimize the stressful toll it can take on a person. Our trained professionals will help you with your case at every step:

  • Gathering information and details for your case.
  • Assistance in filling out an initial application for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance).
  • Motions for reconsideration of a denied claim.
  • Getting your case heard before a judge.
  • Walking you through the steps involved in an SSDI hearing.
  • Working out how Medicaid/Medicare affect your particular situation.

Social security serves as a safety net for individuals that have to cope with disabilities and other setbacks that render them unable to earn a living through means of employment. SSDI is collected from the taxes that every individual pays into and serves as a means by which to help people that suffer from blindness, paralysis, work-related injuries, mental issues, and all manner of other conditions, to afford a basic cost of living. Because every SSDI case can vary with the individual, it’s best that you contact one of our professionals in order for them to assess just how much you can expect to earn upon approval of your claim. A single misstep or typo at any point in the application process can result in weeks, if not months, of delay before your case will be heard by an administrative judge.

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