Intesi Resources DiSC Profile: Assessments for Businesses and Individuals


Intesi! Resources, a forerunner in personal assessment methods, is a licensed reseller of Inscape’s DiSC Profile assessment offerings. The Intesi Resources DiSC test, or “Profile,” which is an acronym for “Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness,” is used by thousands of organizations from government entities to Fortune 500 companies to help employers evaluate both potential and current employees.

An Intesi! Resources spokesman stated the company’s hope is that both small businesses and larger corporations will take advantage of the DiSC Profiles to not only discover more efficient ways of both responding to and dealing with conflict, but also to learn exactly what motivates each employee on a personal level.

The overall purpose of the DiSC Profile is to help employers measure how their employees will act and respond in certain key situations and environments. Employers can then use this invaluable information to gain insight on their employee’s actions, as well as their attitudes and the tendencies of those working with them. Intesi! believes the insight gained during the evaluation to be highly valuable from an upper management perspective.

The DiSC Profile not only helps employers to evaluate both current and potential employees, but it can also help upper management personal recognize and evaluate their own personal strengths as well as any potential challenges they may encounter on their own personal paths to achieving their own career goals. This, Intesi Resources believes, will in turn lead to better communication, reduced stress levels and a greatly improved overall productivity model.

Dr. William Moulton Marston, a psychological researcher from Harvard, originated the theories in the 1920s on which the DiSC Profile was developed. The DiSC Profile has proven helpful in any field or circumstance and each year over one million individuals take a DiSC test. DiSC Profiles can be used at all levels, from individuals to independent organizations.

The DiSC Profile helps to create a common language so members of a team are empowered to discuss feelings, thoughts and behaviors in a non-judgmental way. The DiSC Profile test assists in fostering understanding to encourage cooperation and trust, leading to both top individual and team performances.

Gender differences between male and female DiSC Profiles are minimal, with women generally showing a slightly higher “S,” or Steadiness, score whereas men tend to score slightly higher on the “D,” or Dominance, value. Likewise, age differences are also minimal, with a slight tendency for a higher “i,” or Influence, score amongst younger participants.

As an authorized Inscape Distributor, Intesi! Resources has a Certified DiSC Trainer on staff to help with any questions, training and evaluation issues you may have. To learn more about the Intesi Resources DiSC test you can visit their website at


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