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Ron King Academy

The Ron King Academy is a cosmetology school that focuses on the individual transformation. Students will learn how to make each customer look better on a person to person basis rather than just simply learning general concepts to try to improve on everyone and the dedicated and caring staff is nothing short of amazing when […]

Great Environment Colleges

When a prospective student is searching for environmental colleges, there are many deciding factors which can influence the choice. The term “green technology” has been a popular catch phrase in recent years, but environmental science is a complex course of study and goes far beyond mere technology. Conservation, farming, forestry, sustainable building, fisheries as well […]

What Can a Marine Biology Major Do?

What Can a Marine Biology Major Do?

Wherever there is water on earth there is life, and so the field of marine biology is impressively broad and wide-ranging. Depending on his or her and training, one marine biologist may be studying waterfowl in the marshes of the American Midwest, another may be tracking blue whales as they migrate across the Indian Ocean, […]


Why Pick a Wildlife Biology Major

Students that major in Wildlife Biology study animal behavior, habitats and characteristics. It also involves investigating animal’s backbone and ecosystem from urban to the wildlife. The job competition in Wildlife can be very fierce and requires serous preparation. There are schools that offer degrees in science or wildlife specifically. Other majors such as biology, zoology […]