Becoming a Nurse

Becoming a Nurse

Nursing is an important field of employment that allows you to serve others, make a contribution to your community, while earning a living to support yourself and your family. If you are interested in becoming a nurse, consider these important steps:

  • Before applying for or entering a nursing program, take some time to do a bit of research to learn about the requirements and opportunities. Visit with those you know who are nurses, talk to a nursing program coordinator, and do some of your own research. You can ask questions about how long the training program took, what a typical day as a nurse at various facilities would be like, and even what the best and worst experiences they’ve had were. This will make you more aware of the demands you will face in the everyday work environment as well as prepare you for what to expect in schooling. The more you know about what the end result will be the better prepared you will be to enter a nursing program and complete it.
  • When entering a nursing program you will need to have pre-requisite education and training. For LPN programs in Flordia you will need to have a GED or high school diploma. With high school education complete you can begin nursing school through many different college programs or specific nursing training programs. Depending on the route you elect to get your education you will begin nursing classes and often general education classes as well. Take the time to investigate the different schools and programs offered. You can find out specific requirements about classes, length of time expected for program completion, their assistance with licensing, as well as information about tuition and education expenses for the program.
  • After taking the time to review the various nursing schools, you can select the school you wish to attend and meet with an academic advisor. The advisor can help you determine the best route in which to receive your nursing degree and begin your career. Many nursing schools will assist you with getting your LPN license, finding a job, and then continuing your education to complete a RN degree. The LPN program is the stepping stone to the RN program.
  • Once you complete your training you will be required to take a certification test. This test is offered either by state or national licensure departments. All of your study in school has been to help you learn the required information to pass the test. You will most often perform a written and sometimes a practical test to demonstrate the skills you have acquired.

After completing all education and licensing requirements of nursing, all that is left is to find a job. Depending on the nursing school you attend, they may help with initial placement. As a nursing graduate you can look for jobs at hospitals, private care facilities, assisted living centers, doctors’ offices and even schools. Be prepared to go through the interview process as you determine which of the many different job opportunities will be the perfect fit.

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